• Friday 31.03

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    Panel Discussion

    "The Current Landscape of Immersive Journalism"

    Louis Jebb

    CEO / Immersiv.ly

    Louis Jebb is founder and CEO of immersiv.ly, a pioneering company in the production of news content in virtual reality (VR) since 2014. Jebb is an ambassador for Journalism 360, an initiative to share knowledge and best practices in immersive journalism backed by Google News Lab, Knight Foundation and the Online News Association. Immersiv.ly is co-developing Svhere, a machine learning-enhanced platform for news content in VR, with funding from the Google Digital News Initiative Fund.

    Natalie Whittle

    Associate Editor / FT Magazine Week End

    Natalie Whittle has worked at the Financial Times for more than 10 years, in news, features and magazine journalism. As associate editor of the FT Weekend Magazine she edits the food and drink coverage and is in charge of special projects such as Hidden Cities with Google. She previously worked at Time Out in London and Paris. Natalie read English Literature at University College London.


    Camilla Schick

    Video Journalist / The New York Times

    Camilla Schick is The New York Times's video journalist in London. She was a video and radio reporter based in Tel Aviv reporting on Israel, the Palestinian Territories and the wider region for the BBC, Deutsche Welle and other international and local news media, including during the peace talks and the 2014 Israel-Gaza war. After joining Al Jazeera(AJ+) she returned to London in 2015 and worked for BBC World as a video journalist and breaking news producer before joining the NYT.

    Keynote Talk

    What can virtual reality do for journalism in the post-truth era?

    Alexandra Ivanovitch

    Social Entrepreneur

    Alexandra Ivanovitch, PhD, is a social entrepreneur who leverages cutting edge technology and social neuroscience research to tackle societal issues, like enhancing rehabilitation, developing perspective-taking and reducing implicit biases. A former XPRIZE "bold innovator", she is launching a non-profit to develop the first virtual reality application to reduce implicit racial bias to be tested in police departments and schools in the US.

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