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    ORAMA will provide, to festival participants, VR Headsets to facilitate the immersion in some inspiring stories. Content demonstrations will be followed by Q&A with the directors/producers


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    Friday 31.03

    Aftershock - Catherine Feltham , WaterAid

    Aftershock: Nepal’s untold water story is the charity WaterAid’s first virtual reality film. It follows plumber Krishna Sunuwar, 58, as he works with his neighbors to repair the village’s water system after the 2015 devastating earthquakes.


    Nearly half of all water supplies were destroyed across earthquake-affected areas, leaving thousands of people without enough clean water and vulnerable to disease.


    Shot in the hilltops of Kharelthok, home to 3,900 people, the film brings viewers closer to WaterAid’s work than ever before and demonstrates - in 360 detail - the water challenge after the earthquakes. The project is supported by the HSBC Water Programme.

    Catherine Feltham

    Catherine Feltham is a film producer and director working in WaterAid's production unit.

    Catherine directed award-winning short documentary ‘Across the Tracks,’ which explores how good sanitation can help keep women safe from violence in India. She also directed the interactive film, ‘Parallel lives’, which contrasts experiences of midwives in Tanzania and the UK.


    She loves to use film as a creative tool for inspiring and motivating people to act. Her latest project is WaterAid’s first 360/virtual reality film - Aftershock. It transports us to Nepal where a community looks to rebuild their lives after the devastating 2015 earthquakes.

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  • SATURDAY 01.04

    Hacked - Juliana Rufhus , Al Jazeera

    Al Jazeera has launched #Hacked - Syria's Electronic Armies, an interactive news games that puts the user in the role of a journalist who must navigate hackers and viruses

    Juliana Ruhfus

    Juliana is an award-winning Senior Reporter for Al Jazeera English People & Power programme specializing in investigative work. She has filmed in over 30 countries and has extensive experience covering human rights and war crimes, operating in areas of conflict and undercover work.


    She produces films from conception to completion has presented both from the studio and on location. Juliana has a strong interest in media innovation and has turned two of her most successful films, Pirate Fishing and Syria's Electronic Armies into gamified, interactive projects with the goal of reaching new and younger audiences.

    The In My Shoes Project , Jane Gauntlett

    The In My Shoes project was conceived by Jane Gauntlett as an ever-expanding library of empathetic interactive experiences. Each piece uses a combination of multi-sensory theatre, technology and first-person documentary to recreate extraordinary real-life events.


    The project has been exhibited in international theatres, festivals, hospitals, universities and institutions, including: Aspen Ideas Festival, UK Parliament, Roundhouse, UK Design Festival, Sheffield DocFest, UCL, NYU and Columbia University

    Jane Gauntlett


    Jane is an artist, producer and founder of the In My Shoes Project; an internationally recognized empathy project.


    In My Shoes is an ever expanding library of interactive experiences which use story, theatre, audio-visual technology, virtual reality and first person documentary to recreate real-life experiences.



    Mamie's Dream, Mary Matheson


    Step into Mamie’s life and experience what it means to be a girl in Sierra Leone and deal with the issues that affect girls on a daily basis – such as FGM, teenage pregnancy, discrimination and being refused an education. With help from Plan International, Mamie proved her community wrong and is now considered a role a model for girls, “now they see a woman can be a teacher.”

    Mary Matheson

    Mary Matheson is a Producer/Director of charity and NGO films. She cut her teeth reporting on the drug cartels and guerrilla war in Colombia working for National Public Radio (USA) and the Guardian (UK). Since then she has made award-winning films for international charities such as Plan International, Christian Aid and Save the Children. Mamie's Dream is her first VR film, made with VR production specialists Surround Vision. She is now developing other VR films for good.


    Born into Exile , Charlotte Mikkelborg

    ‘Born into Exile’ tells the harrowing yet hopeful story of two pregnant Syrian refugee women in the week leading up to the births of their babies.

    Charlotte Mikkelborg

    Charlotte Mikkelborg first gained recognition as a BBC foreign correspondent but has more recently become known for her work directing social impact documentary and docudrama in both conventional formats, 360 degrees and VR. Charlotte operates under her own company umbrella, Picture This Productions, making films of global social relevance for clients including the United Nations and several of the world's leading NGOs, helping them influence governments, key decision makers and audiences around the globe. Charlotte's films also been broadcast by several of the world's leading broadcasters and have garnered awards at oscar-qualifying film festivals. Charlotte's latest project in development is 'War Child' - exploring the life of a child soldier using volumetric VR to further draw you into their world.

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