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ORAMA London '17 - The podcasts

Enjoy two of the most interesting panel discussion of the first ORAMA Festival in London

Q&A with Catherine Feltham - Director and Producer of Aftershock

Aftershock: Nepal’s untold water story is the charity WaterAid’s first virtual reality film. It follows plumber Krishna Sunuwar, 58, as he works with his neighbors to repair the village’s water system after the 2015 devastating earthquakes.

Nearly half of all water supplies were destroyed across earthquake-affected areas, leaving thousands of people without enough clean water and vulnerable to disease.

Shot in the hilltops of Kharelthok, home to 3,900 people, the film brings viewers closer to WaterAid’s work than ever before and demonstrates - in 360 detail - the water challenge after the earthquakes. The project is supported by the HSBC Water Programme.

Catherine Feltham

Catherine Feltham is a film producer and director working in WaterAid's production unit.

Catherine directed award-winning short documentary ‘Across the Tracks,’ which explores how good sanitation can help keep women safe from violence in India. She also directed the interactive film, ‘Parallel lives’, which contrasts experiences of midwives in Tanzania and the UK.

She loves to use film as a creative tool for inspiring and motivating people to act. Her latest project is WaterAid’s first 360/virtual reality film - Aftershock. It transports us to Nepal where a community looks to rebuild their lives after the devastating 2015 earthquakes.

Listen to the podcast here

The current Landscape of Immersive Journalism

When we look back at 2016, we’ll see it as the year when virtual reality truly pushed its way into the mainstream of journalism. What is the current status of the Immersive journalism and how newsrooms are embracing immersive technologies to tell stories?


What main challenges do they face and how is the immersive journalism landscape is changing?

Listen to the podcast here

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